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When we step outside our comfort zone, we step into growth.

Please Note: You Will See Some Naked Images Through Our Site.

Being clothes-free is the most misunderstood concept within the realm of spiritual practice.

These days there are many spiritual practitioners out there doing this practice. It is a way to open up all the senses we have in the body. If you really want to be a truly connected person, this is a great way to learn, love & accept who you really are. It has been proven countless times that there are so many benefits to doing spiritual practice with no clothes on. Removing our clothes in an intentional way can provoke an altered state of consciousness and a heightened state of awareness.

We were all born naked with no sin, no mask to hide behind, and no stress in our lives. Your naked self is what truly is important, it is our natural state.

No matter if you are tall, short, large, or have big or small body parts there is nothing to be ashamed of. By 

​combining nudity with spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, conscious dance, healing, workshops, and other personal growth transformational practices we start rediscovering our original nature, this is when the true love for our bodies starts coming back.

We must stop limiting ourselves.

Spiritual practice isn't about dressing up to make us feel good, it isn't about lots of makeup, it isn't about wearing heaps of crystals on our bodies or nice shiny shoes, it is about connecting to our inner self.

For most people, getting naked with others might seem like a huge step as most people fear change because they think it’s going to be difficult or even uncomfortable. The truth is, it is relatively quick and easy to accomplish, and within a few minutes you quickly become comfortable and wonder what all the fuss was about. Ok, getting naked may sound a little scary at first and I can tell you this till I'm blue in the face as it is something that can only be experienced by you to get the full benefits from it. It’s a powerful statement of self-ownership & discovery in a world intent on commodifying and demonizing who we really are.

We spend so much time confined in, steel, concrete, and brick buildings that we quickly forget where we truly come from. Human beings belong in nature. Even modern science shows us the health benefits of not wearing clothes, for example, better immune function, longer lifespan, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and fewer feelings of anger or hurt. It is now time to spend more time naked in nature.

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This is not about sexual acts in any way shape or form, it's all about how spending time without your clothes on is great for your health, your spiritual growth, and your beautiful naked body.


I have been following Richard now for several months, it was only recent in the last month that I had been watching his Tuesday night 7 pm live videos. I have had several general readings from him through these live videos, I feel he is authentic, genuine and the humour that he throws in that he calls dad jokes I think are absolutely hilarious, it lightens the mood and takes out all the seriousness of it all.
I then connected with Richard recently for a healing in his beautiful space out in Springbrook, it was a different experience for me as it’s not something I have experienced before i.e. clothes optional.
I felt that Richard was professional, nonjudgemental very understanding and there was no pressure at all.
He always checked in to make sure that I was comfortable with proceeding with the healing whether I needed a break whether I needed grounding whether or not I wanted to continue so I feel that he was very respectful.
I am looking forward to more adventures in this journey we all call life (universe)
Highly recommend

Much love

Love love love Richard and Diana.! The most gorgeous and relaxing experience in beautiful surroundings! Richard works with his guides in such an amazing way that you feel comfortable, safe and you know that you are getting EXACTLY what you need! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon. Thanks guys!


Richard is a fantastic healer! Iv had many healings from him and so many beautiful messages from spirit have come through for me. Iv done a course with him about self-love and energy and I truly learned so much about myself and how to truly forgive others and myself. I am truly grateful for him. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


I could not have asked for better healing from Richard. He brought through just what I needed to know. I also got a spirit drawing done from Diana and it was amazing, it related to someone I know in spirit. I will defiantly be going back to their beautiful place again. It is so relaxing and my experience was amazing. Thanks so much, guys.


What wonderful happy positive people Richard & Diana are. Highly recommend their services to anyone suffering physical or emotional pain. Such a peaceful tranquil setting for an added bonus!


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